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These Are Trying Times – Steps We Can Take

With all that is going on in the world all we need to deal with is another problem right? I have been asked by several people how often should I clean and disinfect my carpet. Now you might think that’s a silly question but its like my Grand Mother use to tell me. The only silly question is the one you don’t ask

As I was saying Carpet cleaning can and is very important aspect of keeping your home clean and germ free. As to the frequency of carpet cleaning and Disinfecting there are no clear guidelines set forth by the CDC.  The practice of Home Sanitation should be routine.

Germs can hide and live in and on soft surfaces. How often are your children or grand children playing on the floor. Have you ever asked yourself when was the last time I had the carpets cleaned. If you answered yes then it is definitely time to have them done

Here are some things you can do

This will insure you don’t have to ask yourself when was the last time i had the carpet cleaned. Remember that These are troubled times we live in and we must be diligent.


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