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Nanit Starter

Price : $49.99 – $379.99

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Maker – Nanit

This is the state of the are when it comes to the best baby monitors of 2019. This revolutionary technology gives you peace of mind knowing that your baby is monitored by the best baby monitor on the market. No sensors touch the babies skin. Fully automated and easy to use.

A Little about Nanit

TheNanit is a revolutionary design that allows the camera to detect subtle movements in the Specially designed pattern on the Breathing band or the swaddle to monitor your baby’s movement and breathing. These are the best baby monitors of 2019.

Nanit’s advisers are compiles from a divers field of experts in the first months of a baby’s life. People such as DR. Haviva Veler Director, Pediatric Sleep and Breathing Disorders Center.

Nanit is partnered with Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute. Along with sleep researchers and clinicians, pediatricians, and human-centric design leaders to develop the safest and most technologically advanced products for you and your baby.

The team at Nanit comes prom companies like Time Warner, Phillips, Applied Materials, Tiny Love and The primary focus is on building Products and Brands safe for Babies and parents.

Common Questions

  1. Are there any electronics woven into or attached to the product?. No There are no wires, sensors or electronics in the breathing wear they are made of 100% Cotton. The Nanit camera picks up subtle movements from the unique pattern on the garment.
  2. Can my baby wear something over the breathing wear?. Unfortunately no the pattern must be in clear sight of camera in order for it to work
  3. What can my baby wear under the breathing wear?. Your child can wear anything you wish as long as the breathing band can go under the arms. Avoid using clothing that is too thick. Remember a baby should be dressed in light clothing and not feel warm to the touch, this will help prevent the baby from overheating
  4. How do I wash the Nanit Breathing Wear?. Nanit Breathing wear is 100% Cotton and machine washable in cold water gentle cycle with like colors, use non chlorine bleach but only if needed
  5. How many of the breathing products do I need?. It is recommended that you have at least two sets. This will allow you to switch while one set is being laundered.

The starter set

For those of you who already have Nanit Plus smart monitor you may want to try the Starter Set

Works with enhanced Nanit Plus camera. With Nanit Breathing Wear you can bring motion detection to any Nanit Plus Camera. The Nanit Breathing Bands are comfortable, safe, simple and soft. Comforting to babies and parents. The breathing ware has no electronics no wires no sensors.

Stay connected anywhere any time. You have expert guidance at your very fingertips with Nanit’s complete baby monitoring system. The HD clarity lets you see what is happening in your child’s crib and when.

Unlike some monitors Nanit works even when your internet is down. Keep an eye on your baby from near or far. Here everything in your child s room even if you are using other apps or if your phone is off.

Imagine waking in the morning and be able to see how your baby slept, with nighttime recap you can. With this feature you can see how many times the nanny visits how long was the nap. The two-way radio feature is excellent so singing or talking to your baby.

I am not thrilled with the floor stand it is a bit cumbersome if you are trying to put the crib next to the wall. The stand protrudes from the wall about 3 or 4 inches and if you have baseboards that means you will not be able to get the crib closer to the wall than 5 or 6 inches away.

I recommend the wall mount unit it gives an unparalleled view if your baby’s crib. The wall mount is simple and easy to install and any beginner can do it with no problem. These are simply the best baby monitors of 2019

My Final Thoughts

All in all this monitoring system is by far the best on the market. The system shows stunning HD video with temperature monitoring night vision and motion sensor with sound tracking. You have the ability to share access with the Nanny, Grandma or a parenting group. You will stay connected twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Even when your internet goes down it keeps working

The system is reasonably priced and is unsurpassed in the industry. The Breathing Wear is easy to put on your baby and is soft and comfortable. It is made of 100% Cotton and is soft to the touch. Track your baby’s sleep patterns. Good sleep habits start young and can carry with us our whole lives

The High Tech advantage is your baby is safer and you have a state of the art monitoring system that you will be proud to own. To Look at this system simply click the link below. And look at all the nanit products

I hope that you have found this article educational and helpful. I have tried to answer any question you might have. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will respond as soon as possible. Until next time have a blessed day

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  1. My sister recently had a baby, and she was looking for a baby monitor, I stumble up on your site. I did not know how much technology goes into baby monitors this days. In the old days I guess their crying was our monitors. When I started reading about the breathing sensor I thought well how can that be safe having wires on a baby, but your article clear that question up for. I will pass this link to my sister as she is looking for a baby monitor. Thank you for this information.

    1. Thank you for stopping Wilmer. Yes it is amazing the tech that goes into not only baby products but everything in our lives. I appreciate you passing on the link. I an sure your sister will find a lot of information on my site

  2. Wow. I am amazed by your post. The technology has really advanced and it is supporting the parents of current era.

    1. Yes it is amazing tech is everywhere in our daily lives. The advance tech in these products is state of the art. Thanks for stopping in come back again I am always adding new material to the site

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