Soft Leather Baby Shoes – What you need to know

The basic hard soled baby shoe has been the staple for babies learning to walk since the beginning of time. OK maybe not since the beginning of time. My point is that for generations when it came to baby’s first shoe the majority of parents turn to the good ole hard soled shoe. Times are changing and so is the way we view baby shoes.

More and more new parents are turning to Soft leather baby shoes for their infants first shoes. There are probably more reasons why this is happening than I will explore. I do however think these are the main ones. I think you might agree with me .

Stylish baby shoes

The world we live in today is far different from the one I grew up in. We had no internet, no computers, no cell phones. Come to think of it we didn’t even have Cable T.V.. Image was not as important then.

Today we live in a digital world. This is the first generation to grow up having the internet as a basic in homes. Everything we do is posted on line Instagram, Snap chat and so on. We are bombarded with ads. Each showing up another aspect where we need to look good and we want the same for our children.

Modern parents are more in tune with the styles their babies are wearing than ever before. Not only do our shoes have to be designers so do our babies. The leaders in the baby shoe industry are producing soft leather baby shoes in styles parents adore

No longer do parents simply do the same thing their parents did. There are more choices for the new parents today. They are not limited to the same old hard soled shoe.


American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations (APA)

There are three basic recommendations set forth by APA, they are not complex and it does not take a degree in science to understand them. The APA says that as a baby is learning to walk he or she grips the surface they are on with their toes. At this stage arch support is not necessary.

The APA goes on to say that while learning to walk at home barefoot is preferred. This will help with your natural foot development. A baby’s first shoes should be ones that protect the feet when the surface is or or cold or uneven. The shoe should be soft and flexible allowing the baby’s foot to develop as natural as possible.

  1. In order to support natural foot development the shoe should be light and flexible. This means no hard soled shoes, Hard soled shoes ate stiff and confining. This type of shoe could cause harm to the baby’s foot and impede development
  2. The shoes should be made of mesh or leather.These materials allow the baby’s feet to move naturally and breath in comfort
  3. The shoes should be equipped with rubber soles. Rubber soles provide the baby with traction and can help prevent slipping.

So what shoes should you choose and where to get them

As mentioned previously, the best shoes for the child’s developing feet are ideally made of soft materials such as leather or soft fabric or mesh.

These are an excellent starter pair and the price is right for any budget. There are many brands and styles to choose from. Just keep in mind what we have been talking about, Baby shoes made of either soft leather or fabric mesh with flexible rubber soles.

Another good place to get the shoes you need for your child is Baby Earth  They also carry the perfect foot ware for your child. These are not the only places to find Soft leather baby shoes nor are they the only places to find baby shoes made of mesh or other flexible material. The list goes on and on for places to buy baby shoes .

 Things to remember

We have talked about several aspects of the proper shoe for your child. We have discussed the recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric or APA, the shoe should support natural foot development, the shoe should be made of soft leather or mesh, the shoe should be equipped with a flexible rubber sole.

We have discussed styles of baby shoes and we have given you some ideas on where to get the shoes. The important things to remember are that a child’s feet need to develop naturally. When a child begins to walk a shoe is primarily for protection. When a child is learning to walk they grip with their toes. When a baby is learning to walk bare foot is preferred.

Stay away from hard soled shoes no matter how cute they are. Hard soled shoes are not flexible and can hinder the natural development of the child’s feet. You have more choices today than ever before.

IN Conclusion

I hope that the article has given you some solid information about the proper shoe for your child. I hope that I have cleared up at least some of your confusion and heightened your curiosity about the recommendation for soft leather baby shoes.

Just like with you all shoes are not the same. The same is true for your child. Sometimes we can be swayed by advertisements or peer pressure. I know that we all want to do what is best for our children. I have made a conscious effort to do for my grandchildren what my parents and to a large extent I did not have the resources or the information to do for our children. Not to mention that for decades it was the same old baby shoe.

We live in a very different world. Information is literally at our fingertips. We can type in a phrase hit enter and the page explodes with information. I hope that I have been helpful and informative .

if you have a comment or a question leave it below and I will respond to you as soon as possible. In the mean time Have a blessed day.

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