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Make A Website For Your Baby – FREE

In my Grand Mothers days She kept a Scrap Book of baby photos (if she could afford the photos) a lock of hair the first scribbling on a paper and other bits of memorabilia of her children.

She would take bits of cloth from your baby clothing and make representations in the scrap book.

My mother kept what was called a baby book. You entered the baby’s milestone in it. Things like Baby’s Date Of Birth, First Smile, baby crawling and so on

Today we live in a world of Technology. WiFi is everywhere, everyone has a smart phone. Here is a new and Free way to catalog your baby all the way through adult hood.

Make a website for your Baby

That’s right I said make a website for your baby. Imagine sharing the website with your friends, family and the whole world Here is a group that allows you to join free no credit card required. There are easy to follow step by step instructions that will guide you through the process.

Within minutes, you will have your professional looking site up and running and best of all it’s free. Not only do you get a FREE website you get TWO FREE websites. Use one for your Chile or Children and use the other for whatever you choose.

This Group will also teach you how you can make money from your second website if you choose to do that. You pay nothing. Hurry start today and give your baby a gift that will last a lifetime.

Preserve your memories and share them with the world click the link below to get started Today


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