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Hello! If you are a new reader I want to welcome you to If you are a returning reader welcome back. Today I want to talk about the best shoes for babies learning to walk. There are numerous styles and brands of baby shoes out there, and I could talk all day about each company and what they have to offer. I think that would only add more questions than answers.

I will only tell you about one why they are the best and who has placed their seal of approval on them In this article I hope to answer most if not all of your questions about the best baby shoes for toddlers. The American Academy of Pediatrics has set forth some recommendations for the type of shoe you should purchase.

American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations (APA)

There are three basic recommendations set forth by APA, they are not complex and it does not take a degree in science to understand them. The APA says that as a baby is learning to walk he or she grips the surface they are on with their toes. At this stage arch support is not necessary.

The APA goes on to say that while learning to walk at home barefoot is preferred. This will help with your natural foot development. A baby’s first shoes should be ones that protect the feet when the surface is or cold or uneven. The shoe should be soft and flexible allowing the baby’s foot to develop as natural as possible.

  1. In order to support natural foot development the shoe should be light and flexible. This means no hard soled shoes, Hard soled shoes ate stiff and confining. This type of shoe could cause harm to the baby’s foot and impede development
  2. The shoes should be made of mesh or leather. These materials allow the baby’s feet to move naturally and breath in comfort
  3. The shoes should be equipped with rubber soles. Rubber soles provide the baby with traction and can help prevent slipping.

Robeez baby shoes

This company has the American Pediatric Medical Association Seal of acceptance/approval. This Acceptance Seal is given to products that promote natural foot development Robeez is not only one of the most sought after brands on the market, it is recognized as being one of the best brands of baby walking shoes.

Robeez carries a wide variety of styles and sizes. The Robeez Company says “The best shoes mimic bare feet”. They accomplish this by making all of their baby shoes soft and flexible supporting and not confining the child s foot.

The shoes are made of high quality materials and leather. Their soft soles allow the toes to grip while cushioning the baby’s foot. This aids in muscle growth, balance and helps prevent slipping.

The benefits of these shoes are tremendous. The shoes are made of high quality materials that protect a child s developing feet. The soft soles allow the toes to grip naturally while cushioning the baby’s feet. The elastic ankles make them easy to put on and they stays on. Combine this with the slip resistant soft flexible soles, and you have the best shoes for babies learning to walk.

Robeez Friends Wrap Around Soft Soles

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The upper is made of Navy Leather it has an adorable image of a Rino divided between the shoes. Standing on the Rinos rear is his Red Bird pal. The friendship image is continued on the sole of the shoes. These shoes promote good balance while allowing for growing feet.

This shoe is perfect for infants, Babies and Toddlers. Approved by the American Pediatric Medical Association. Have a look at these shoes I really think you will like them. Your child will love them. These gender neutral shoes are perfect for either bay or girl.

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Robeez Little Peanut Soft Soles

These shoes are simply adorable. The white polka dot pattern on the pink leather uppers is fitting compliment to the Mama and baby elephants highlighted on the shoes. Both Mama and baby have pink ears in the shape of hearts.

The Little Peanut Shoe Comes with elastic ankles making it very easy to put the shoe on and helps it stays on. The non skid suede soles provide protection while helping prevent slipping

These shoes will certainly be a hit with your daughter. Can’t you see her now taking her first steps, that is a very special moment for every mother.

This shoe is perfect for infants, Babies and Toddlers. Approved by the American Pediatric Medical Association. The shoes protect while providing comfort and abominates natural foot development.

Final thoughts

I have attempted to inform you about the best shoes for babies learning to walk. I have told you about the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and what type of shoes the say are best for developing feet. I have informed you about Robeez baby shoes and the benefits for your child.

I hope that I have answered any questions you may have had, and given you the information you need to make an informed decision. I know that we all want to do the best we can for our children. By making an informed decision we are doing what is right for our children.

Have a look around Robeez and see what they have to offer. I think you will be pleased. Just click the link. Robeez

Until next time have a blessed day. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi
    What a great article and I enjoyed reading it very much.
    I love the little shoes with the elephant, they are so cute! I’ll be buying some soon so I’ve book marked your article.
    Thanks again

    1. Thank you very much Jody. I am glad you enjoyed the article. I will continue to post helpful articles so stay tuned.

  2. Hi,
    This is a very helpful page and wonderful information. I will recommend it. Love the articles and the photos.


  3. My cousin’s little son has a problem with his feet. Those are not aligned and straight by birth. Please refer any good shoes for his son.

    1. First I would Recommend that she take the child To a Pediatric Podiatrist to have the feet checked her baby may need special medical shoes. If that is not the case I would Highly recommend Robeez Brand shoes they allow that child’s feet to develop naturally. Robeez is probably the best shoes for infants learning to walk or already walking. Thanks for the referral and I hope I was able to help you

  4. Thank you for the lovely post. I love all these cute shoes and already a pair of pink one for my beautiful princess. (Y)

    1. I have bought two pair for my twin Grand Children The pink ones with Elephants and The Blue ones with Rino. I hope that you like the products as much as I do. I am glad that my site was able to help you thanks again and please atop in again I am always posting new products and articles

    1. Thanks for stopping by and to answer your question, No it is not necessary for babies to wear shoes especially hard sole shoes as it can hinder the child’s foot development

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