Baby Shoe Sizes- be in the know

It does not matter if you are shopping in your local Mall or on line, some basic questions will arise. How do I know if the shoe fits? How will I know if they are comfortable?.

The Spokesperson for The American Pediatric Medical Association Dr. Jane Anderson says “I think parents always worry that a toddler may not be able to express how the shoe feels”.

Fear not! I am going to take some of the guess work out of finding the right baby shoe sizes

When is your baby ready for shoes ?

A good rule of thumb to remember is that shoes are for walking. So is your baby walking ? If your baby is not walking the only purpose for shoes would be to keep the feet warm.

Not wearing shoes can be beneficial for the baby’s foot development says The American Academy of Pediatrics. You could just as well use socks to keep the baby’s feet warm.

So your baby is taking the first steps


At this point Dr. Anderson says “when they start to take steps shoes are for safety, to protect them from foreign bodies”. They don’t need actual support as toddlers, only protection. If you are anything like me you will have a million photos of your little one taking their first steps.

Get the right fit

A child may want shoes simply because they have their favorite character on them, but those are too small. The child may express that the shoes feel fine when really they are too big. Keep these tips in mind.

  • Be Patient: check several brands and styles all baby shoes are not made alike
  • Use the bigger foot : having one foot bigger than the other is not uncommon so use the bigger foot as a guide when choosing sizes. Remember shoes that are too small can be very painful.
  • Zone in on comfort: Baby shoes made of soft leather are Ideal. Avoid hard soles
  • Don’t make this mistake: Do not use preworn shoes. When shoes are worn they can loos their original structure causing foot irritation. Dr. Anderson says “It could cause a child to shift their weight improperly while walking”

Baby shoe sizes

Age range                                 Sizes U.S.                              Length in Inches


Up to 6 weeks                            Newborn                               3 1/8

6 weeks to 3 months                  1                                               3 1/2

3 to 6 months                              2                                               3 3/4

6 to 9 months                              2.5                                             4

6 to 9 months                              3                                                4 18

9 to 12 months                            3.5                                             4 1/4

9 to 12 months                            4                                                4 1/2

9 to 12 months                            4.5                                             4 5/8

There is no universal size the Chart above is only intended as a starting point. Sizes can vary from one brand to another. You may see some baby shoes labeled with a slightly different age range, such as 8 to 12 months or 6 to 12 months. Start with a measurement of your baby’s foot by a professional. With this information you are ready to go

Final thoughts

Many new parents, and I am sure you have seen them at the mall with the infant dresses like the mother Same outfit same athletic shoes. The trouble with this is that the athletic shoes most commonly used for babies have a stiff sole and allow almost no flexibility or comfort as mentioned above. Your child shouldn’t be a Minnie you they should be a Minnie them. I can tell you from experience enjoy every day with your child because it goes by so fast. Today they are crawling on the floor looking to you for everything. Suddenly it’s tomorrow and they are off to College or getting married. Don’t miss a single day

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